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Radiological Dispersion Device

Step 8 – Prepare After Action Report and Improvement Plan

Prepare an After Action Report (AAR) and Improvement Plan (IP) for your exercise. Use the information collected from recorded notes, the hot wash and relevant information from participants’ evaluations. The report should identify exemplary practices, highlight issues that need to be addressed and recommend improvements. Once you have a draft report, you may wish to conduct an After Action Conference with exercise participants to finalize the report. At the conference, participants should agree on AAR and IP content and language, outline next steps to improve plans and processes, assign improvement action items to the appropriate individuals/agencies, and propose an implementation timeline. Or, you can simply circulate the draft AAR and IP via email for comments.

Click on the icon below to get started on your AAR and IP. You can begin listing and summarizing core capabilities and TTX objectives on page 2. Appendix A serves as the starting point for your IP, and Appendix B is a record of who attended the TTX.

Download the After Action Report and Improvement Plan in Word